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the founders

Philosophy through Art started as an idea bounced between two teachers sitting next to each other whilst working at School of the Arts (SOTA) - how could we make abstract concepts in Critical Art Theory and Philosophy more accessible to children? Over the years teaching and designing curriculum, we saw how important it was to make kids question, wonder and invent. After 6 years of heated discussion and debate, brave new worlds was born!

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Corliss Phua

Corliss is the critical thinking guru of the team, having taught philosophy and research skills in schools for over 10 years. She enjoys creating art with her two young sons when they are not running circles around her, and believes in encouraging children to question and reflect from young.

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Adeline Lim

A textile designer by training, Adeline has taught Art in Australia and Singapore over the past 10 years. She is passionate about interdisciplinary teaching and learning, and applies her Harvard Project Zero training by conducting learning expeditions that inspire kids to see the world with new eyes. Currently embarking on her MA in Asian Art History, she has big plans for the future of Art Education in Singapore!

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