We're all for keeping the community safe, so we've unfortunately had to suspend all physical classes for the month of April. :( 

BRIGHT SPARK: We're starting a new digital initiative on Instagram and Facebook - 


we'll post a FREE 30-sec activity video for your little ones to follow anytime!


we'll share some of our favourite local artworks and artists!


we'll post a FREE1-minute activity video for the whole family to follow together!

We're also running a series of own-time-own-target (almost) projects to keep kids busy at home every Saturday, so drop us a message to find out more!


studio classes

At brave new worlds, we learn to ask questions such as “Are our senses always reliable?” and “Do we need rules?”. Each module is 5-10 weeks long to allow kids to conduct research and experiment with different ways of thinking, using art to represent their learning. All this is documented in a personal process journal, culminating in a unique art project. Our class sizes start with a min. of 2 kids and are capped at a maximum of 6 kids to optimise learning.


*price of trial class can be deducted from the cost of the first module.

min 2 kids to start, private classes can be arranged


holiday camps

Every school holiday, we run a series of Art Camps to ensure that students are actively engaged in thinking critically.

Here's a snapshot of some of our previous camps!

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